Crypto Backed Stablecoin USBL

An open source, 1:1 pegged, fixed rate

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Welcome to Balanced Dollar Repository

Crypto Backed Stablecoin USBL

Why Use Balanced Dollar

An open source, fixed rate, low volatility, designed to maintain stable value. Store, send and receive 1-to-1 pegged digital currency across exchanges, platforms, and wallets. Annually 5% return for holding, with additional up to 10% liquidity pools fees shared. USBL atomic swap enabled coin, exchange directly with any other coin that listed on dex exchanges. Token stable coin contract created on multiple smart chains enabling backup asset sources.

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Outstanding currency possiblities

Use case for stablecoin: enable faster and cheaper transactions, offer a hedge against inflation, provide new financial tool made to help give, earn, save, lend, and exchange assets.

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